Monday, May 11, 2009


I am an admirer of drama with lots of tensed twists and turns in plot and simultaneously it has to be slow paced where each expression talks for itself. Considering this, “Casablanca” is such a memorable movie for me, it defines a considerable portion of a specific genre which is “love”.

I watched this movie long ago, when I didn’t have the slightest idea about relationship and love and the pain and passion attached to these feelings. But when I grew up and saw it several times, I realized the obsession of “Rick Blein” who isolated himself in chaotic Casablanca with his inner torments, for an injured and unsolved love, trying to be lost into his own oblivion in the backdrop of Second World War.

Similarly favorite but for the joyful enthusiasm, I loved “It Happened One Night”. The story is nothing unique still the characters specially humor put into the character of ‘Clark Gable’ was an outburst.

These movies have a never ending charm for which a viewer like me can enjoy it even half a century later and that is why these cinemas have a little title which is called “Classic”.

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