Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Have you seen the greatest revenge movie ever made? Several names are coming into your mind. You would have asked me, I would have done the same...but now if you asked me this question I will be hard as rock and firm as a saint in one name. The movie I am talking about is a hidden gem. Its name is "Old Boy".

Why I am calling it as the greatest revenge movie? Before I buzz you about the plot, I just want to say, all the credits of this movie goes to the storyline. The story of it is so intriguing that you will be glued to the screen from the very first shot..right after the opening credits.....During the entire movie, your mind will be searching for so many things that you cannot wait to see the will be burnt by the question "what next?" and trust me you will never have the right guess.

The plot starts with a simple incident. A drunk man was kidnapped on his daughter's birthday and imprisoned for 15 years and then released.........that's it...
the rest is for to find out......this Korean movie dealt with some of the darkest chapters of human being......chapters that never come is an unimaginably shocking movie....I was a mess for a while after enjoying it......masterpiece....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I saw "Dancer in the Dark" a few weeks ago. Honestly speaking, this is my second film by 'Lars von Trier'. Before this I enjoyed his "Breaking the Waves" a few months ago. Both the movies are so enigmatically brilliant, I was haunted by them long after I finished watching them. Talking about the recent one, "Dancer in the Dark", I was amazed, awestruck and disturbed. 

"Dancer in the Dark" is a movie about a woman who considers her entire life as a musical and she loves to be into it. It's not a musical movie rather it has strict reality- reality so pathetic that it hurts. The central character was facing a gradual blindness and she knew it. She rehearses for a local musical; she works in a factory where she couldn't cope with all the machineries for she has a heart of an artist. She has a kid and a lover who is so devoted that never he asked her out..he waits before the factory for her and when she comes out, he politely asked if he could take her home and she declines every time.....I don't want to ruin the plot but to remember this as one of the most unique humane movie and most disturbing musical I have ever seen. 

Another astonishing thing is, the director showed the unbelievable charisma of working with the style of "hand held camera" technique. The screen moving along with the emotions, the close ups are so extremely meaningful that I felt I was a third person witnessing everything happening to the characters. A movie which melt my heart with stark reality and agony.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was watching "The Reader" last night for the third time and I was wondering about the incredible storyline of the movie. I remember, I marked this movie long before its release and I craved to watch it. The plot itself seemed to be so gripping that everyday; before sleeping, I searched for the torrent to download. The love-story of a young man and an elderly woman is not much of a unique one. But what makes this movie so memorable and shievering is the backdrop and the surprizing outcome of it.

You have a beautiful woman to make love when you are in school. All your lurid and pulp fantasies are becoming true, your obsession is controlled by strong physical satisfaction and you are addicted to a human being who provides a strange  affection towards you. Suddenly, you lost her. After a period of time you find her. During this time, you lost the taste of life and love. And when you find her, you realize that she is a war criminal and on trial. What an ecsentric storyline............such a heart-rending movie..........I can't really really explain how much I loved it.