Friday, April 24, 2009

It’s hard to describe how good this movie is....."Cinema Paradiso" is a movie of a lifetime. A movie which drives me in so many emotional states that I can't even explain. The best Italian movie I have ever seen (to some extent, far better than “Life is Beautiful”). A creation of a master......A cinema which exceeds all emotional boundaries about love, relationship, nostalgia and most of all: "CINEMA!!!" 

The cinema is about a boy living in a small city of Italy who eventually made a friendship with the local cinema hall-projectionist. The boy had an insatiable thirst for cinema and the story started with revealing the magical world of cinema. Depicting several decades of movie magic; the story continues the saga of a love story which I admit; one of the greatest of all times. This one will make everyone deeply nostalgic to the very root they belong………to love, to remember and to be lost again…………………  

Once you start watching this movie you would never want it to be finished…………when it will be finished, it will leave you silent………. 


  1. This is really a great movie, a brilliant movie, there is so much in this movie that no one can say it. If you want to know, you have to watch it and feel it. I wouldn't say it it one of the best italian movies, because it is one of the BEST movies.
    But to me "Life Is Beautiful" is still the best. The reason may be because, It can touch anyone's feelings easily, there is no one who can't feel the movie, but can we say this about "Cinema Paradiso" ? I am not so sure about that.
    But why fight or why compare? Both are best in their own context, Both are the gem of world cinema. Why don't enjoy both of them?

  2. Muhammad Shihab JahirApril 28, 2009 at 12:58 AM


  3. Faruque suggested me the movie long before... but could make the time :(