Thursday, April 30, 2009

When I was a kid, my dad used to take us to the movies and dramas and thus he intrigued our thirst for these things. There were always some movie festivals or some theatrical dramas or somewhere to go to buy books. I remember one evening in Public Library in 1999 with my father. There was an “Oscar film Week” festival going on where I enjoyed “The Godfather” for the first time. It was the last day of the festival. We two were impatiently waiting for the movie. Of course, he saw it before; but he too was excited to watch it with me. I first read “The Godfather” when I was in class four. I read the Bangla translation by “Sheba Prokashoni” and it was scattered into 4 parts. So, I had the second part in class six and the third and forth part in class seven. I have a friend whose name was Faruque and he was a steady source of books specially which are considered “forbidden” for us. It fascinated me so much; the world of mafia seemed so charismatic; I read this book again and again. The most qualifying factor about this movie is, the cinema itself was depicted just like a carbon copy of the book; greatest adaptation ever made. Actually, nothing to analyze or discuss about this movie except for the emotions and feelings related to it. When I got into college, I managed to see the second and third part of the movie. I loved both of them but the part two is indescribably splendid comparing to the third one. Specially, The young Robert De Nero was impossibly superb. “The Godfather” is my most favorite movie and since the godfather part one, Al Pacino is my most cherished actor. No movie haunted me so much as this trilogy did. And still today this trilogy chills me and thrills me just the same.  


  1. At last you have write something about the Godfather... thanks buddy...

    Actually nothing to say abt the movie... just liked the feelings for the godfather of u :)

  2. I still remember the days when we would go to the school early, walked over the field away from croud and talk about godfather. You were reading and i was eagerly waiting to read. First time I read the first 2 parts was from you, these were the copies of your fathers collection (i think you wanted to mention that the last 2 parts were provided by me:). ALL those copies are lost though, but the memory of reading it for the first time still lives on. About the movie, well, you said it.