Monday, March 23, 2009

I was watching "The Reader" last night for the third time and I was wondering about the incredible storyline of the movie. I remember, I marked this movie long before its release and I craved to watch it. The plot itself seemed to be so gripping that everyday; before sleeping, I searched for the torrent to download. The love-story of a young man and an elderly woman is not much of a unique one. But what makes this movie so memorable and shievering is the backdrop and the surprizing outcome of it.

You have a beautiful woman to make love when you are in school. All your lurid and pulp fantasies are becoming true, your obsession is controlled by strong physical satisfaction and you are addicted to a human being who provides a strange  affection towards you. Suddenly, you lost her. After a period of time you find her. During this time, you lost the taste of life and love. And when you find her, you realize that she is a war criminal and on trial. What an ecsentric storyline............such a heart-rending movie..........I can't really really explain how much I loved it.  

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  1. Ishak Mahamud RiponMarch 23, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Totally agree....I love this movie too. Comparing with this year's slumdog millionaire, this movie touched me more...Kate winslate was never better than this....real oscar worthy performance in a complex role....